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Helping each other: That is an absolutely primordial human need. Each of us received help finding a positive path in life when we were children. Now is the time to give back the blessings that we have received. Because every tear that a child cries anywhere in the world today is one tear too much. Our global society is wealthy and intelligent enough to overcome hardship and poverty once and for all. Here at the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, we do give our best to improve the fate of as many children as possible. With your help, we can make a real difference. We prove it every day. Are you with us?

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Safety. Health. Education. Emergency relief. Every child in the world has a right to these things.

That's what the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child says. But who stands for compliance with it? We are still far away from realizing these principles. There are no lawyers and no courts that the little ones can turn to themselves. They depend on us. On each one of us who refuses to close our ears and our hearts to their crying. On organizations like the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, which chooses clear actions over words.

We have the clear intention to open up a positive future to as many children as possible. With our partner organizations, we have successfully carried out a large number of projects and helped countless children since we started in 2000. On every continent. With the support of many, many Sixt employees, who make their contributions voluntarily. The Children's Aid Foundation is Sixt's official corporate social responsibility program. Our mission: To work so that no more little tears will flow tomorrow. We are committed to that mission in each of the 105 countries where Sixt has a presence today. We do what we can. We have faith in the rest. We are counting on your help. Here and now. Because there is still so much to do.

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Celebrities support "Drying Little Tears"



Celebrities support "Drying Little Tears"

For more than 12 years now, Regine Sixt has been visiting sick children in local hospitals at Christmas and Easter.

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